P.A Vietnam and VNNIC Held a “Vietnam brand protection with .VN Domain name ” conference in Can Tho

On July 31st, 2013, at Can Tho Committee Hall, P.A Vietnam in cooperation with Vietnam Internet Center (hereinafter referred to as VNNIC) and other domain name registers held the 2nd conference with the “Vietnam brand protection with .VN domain name” topic. 

Keeping success from Binh Duong conference on March 27th, 2013 with the most practical benefits to individuals, enterprises, information units, Internet users, register’s agents in the whole country through improving common awareness of isses:

- Protecting brand, developing and popularizing activities on the Internet, especially .VN domain name

- Developing e-commercial activities, applying local information technology

- Strengthening the state management in the locality about the Internet in general and network resources in particular.

P.A Vietnam in cooperation with VNNIC and other registers continued to hold a conference in Can Tho. Together strong boom of Internet information and strong development of e-commerce, increase of domain name numbers, Vietnam brand protection in the community was an issue that has got the most interest to individuals, enterprises, information units, Internet users, register’s agents in the whole country.

 It is said that domain name plays a very important role in brand identification and brand advertising potentials, partners, customers and market extension, wide and rapid infroamtion popularization, large market opportunities…to enterprises. Domain name has been significantly contributing to many enterprises’ successes and losses in digital community. 

 In details, according to VNNIC’s data, curetnly, Vietnamese enterprises block has just registered about 200,000 domain names (including .VN and international domain names). In which, each enterprise often registers more 01 domain name. Hoeever, total Vietnamese enterprises are now up to 500,000 enterprises, i.e, rate of enterprises with website and domain name only makes up over 20%, a very small rate. (Especially in Can Tho, there are nearly 1,600 .VN domain names and about 1,100 international ones registered).

 Participating in this conference, P.A Vietnam through a presentation from Mr Vo Van Can – Manager of Maketing has introduced and discussed on the “Importance of website, domain name in corporate activities” special subject. This introduction helps enterprises in the province, which are not fully aware of importance of domain name issues involving a brand on the Internet, master important information on website, domain name values and necessity in corporate activities no matter how small or big thay are in the global economic overview today. Not only popularizing a brand in the national scole but also widly advertising around the world, especially enterprises under South major economic area. 

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