Online Brand, “One Capital Four Benefits”

In your opinion, which benefits does .com domain name bring to enterprises against local one while using? What is core in this benefit?

* Mr Huynh Viet Phuong: Most great brands choose .com as their main domain name, and then related sub-domain names. This shows that .com domain name likely raises brands more than others. Enterprises receives a lot of benefits when they choose .com domain name to their company regarding both initial investment expense and annual extension. Besides, .com domain name also helps SEO more than the others, therefore, brands with better identification also helps enterprises more famous in international trade.


Is it necessary for Vietnamese enterprises to register additional .com domain name while their local one exists?

Expanding in great markets, business traveling together brand, when enterprises regconise importance of .com domain name, it is late in fact. Therefore, if local domain name exists, it is very necessary for enterprises to register additional .com one. Although domain name’s value is not high, brand influencing value is extremely great if there is no a large vision.

An example is in which its competitor uses (lacks a letter “s”) for competition. A great number of Vietnamese enterprises must pay a high cost that is thousands of times higher than initial investment expense, scuh as Samsung, BKAV…

What do you advise enterprises in .com selection?

 Enterprises, no matter how small or large they are, need a brand. Online brand is essentially domain name. Select domain names that are short, easy-to-remember, relevant to their business line. Furthermore, long domain name is also appropriate for SEO via search tools.

Be a partner of Verisign in Viet Nam, how does P.A Vietnam assist enterprises in receiving benefits from .com domain name?

As mentioned above, whiling selecting .com domain name, enterprises receives more benefits compared to losses while creating difference against their competitors. Be a provider of services, we bring the best things from Verisign to customers as Vietnamese people.

For procedures from register simplification even until technical matters, together plus services, through us, customers are like working with Verisign while selecting to enhance their online brand. 

In addition to a provider, we also bring many separate services to customers relating to domain names such as Whois Protect for customer information seciruty, Registry Lock for user’s offline security while correcting.

And how does P.A Vietnam warrant customers in case of any conflict relating to domain name?

Inc ase of any conflict relating to domain name occurred, we use procedures from ICANN for resolution so as to warrant legal rights to customers relating to such domain name.

In Viet Nam, most services must be in office hours in contact, how does P.A Vietnam assist customers?

Domain name is a trans-boudery asset, therefore, we provide a support in 24/7 to customers theough a technical team and call center so that customers feel securewhile using domain name via Verisign and via us in Viet Nam. That is a way we express ous responsibility for users.  

We also assess cases to give a priority of resolution in advance to incidents involving access, or domain name with the highest effort for customers.

Thank you for this interview, wish P.A Vietnam keeping a good coporation with Verisign in order to bring the most reliable services to customers as Vietnamese people.