P.ACKUP for servers (Server / VPS) is service backup and restore data for the storage servers critical data, requiring data continuous operation almost 100%. If something goes wrong on the server, have the ability to recover information systems with the lowest time as customer data, transaction information of the e-commerce company, the information and data on accounting, taxation ...

With this service, the enterprise is supported with a backup server to operate temporarily during the troubleshooting time on the main server, minimizing the time the system downtime affects the business operations of the business.

Features of services P.ACKUP for server

When businesses use P.ACKUP services for servers that the primary server having problems need to restore data, you will have 01 redundant servers with duration of use within 30 minutes of free. The recovery time for redundant server has a maximum duration of 30 minutes in case of incidents. This helps businesses save time and restore the primary server and ensure business continuity activities do not affect business operations.

Businesses can upgrade the server on demand with accompanying fees incurred for that section.

- Discount 5% register >=6 month.
- Discount 10% register >=1 year.


Name Price Order
Cloud Backup Server - Agent Addon 310,000 vnd